Our Executive Officers


Janak Shah, President (janak.shah@dbeelectriccorp.com)

Janak Shah founded D.B.E. Electric Corp. in 1993. As a well-qualified electrical engineer, he has led the company as the president for the last 21 years. His hard work and continuous dedication has converted to the exceptional growth of D.B.E.

In past few years, Mr. Shah, has worked extensively in the area of energy efficient lighting and building control systems. With the exposure he gained from his international endeavors, Janak has developed a significant proficiency in “NET ZERO” concept of building energy efficiency design and construction.

Janak relies on his extensive experience working as a project manager for many years on various government jobs in the tri-state area, specifically New York City. This background enables him to have a unique understanding of the field D.B.E. Electric is embedded in and allows him to interact with his customers on a more personal level.


Janani Shah, LEED Green Associate (janani.shah@dbeelectriccorp.com)


We are proud to announce that Janani Shah has received her LEED Green Associate certificate. She has "documented, up-to-date understanding of the most current green building principles and practices, and are committed to their professional future." 

Being a recent graduate and a fresh face to D.B.E., Janani has brought a younger spirit to the company and hopes to continue reinventing the company to increase it's efficiency in today's society.

As project manager and a certified construction manager, Janani is responsible for the day-to-day timely execution of work in the office as well as on the field. Additionally, she is in charge of the sales team, marketing, and making sure the customers needs are being met.

Janani's passion and focus is to promote a more sustainable environment through corporate responsibility and green construction.




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